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A prefab house consist of steel chassis, steel structure for floor, walls which are covered from both side with thermal insulation in between, flooring ,roofing, ceiling, doors, windows and with all internal electrical and sanitary fittings, connections and fixtures and all done completely in the factory.

Floor Chassis

A strong steel structure consist of steel I. beam longitudinal and lateral size 12 x 6 cm for the units longer than 6 meters, and 10 x 5 cm beams for the units shorter then 6 meter. All beams are welded together to form the chassis which is fixed over steel supports of the same beam size on specific internals to carry the units.


External Walls

Made of strong steel structure of 260 cms high made of 40 x 40 mm steel tubes welded together horizontal and vertical and welded to the chassis. The walls are molded with preprinted steel sheeting (.05 mm) from outside, and with 6 mm plywood covered with decorative plywood (4 mm) from inside, the in-between space in field with fiber glass insulation 50 mm thick. All final thickness of the wall is 60 mm.





Internal Walls

It is same fabrication like external walls but molding is 6mm plywood with 4mm decorative plywood from both sides and without thermal insulation. Internal walls of wet areas are covered with polystyrene coated sheets.



Floor consist of 50 x 50 mm steel tubes fixed over the chassis on 40 cm internals covered with 18 mm plywood sheets fixed with 7 cm long steel nails. Final covering either carpet or vinyl tiles.





A strong network of wooden square size 50 x 50 mm fixed on top of the wall and connected to the trusses covered with plywood 3.5 mm thick. All edges are covered with red wood slice with mahogany paint. This ceiling could be substituted with 60 x 60 cm fire rated gypsum tiles. The space between roof & ceiling is filled with 5 cm fiberglass insulation.



Electrical Works

All electrical connections are laid inside PVC pipes, switches and outlets are installed as per room sizes and requirements. Lights fixtures are of 120cm fluorescent type and with globe lights for toilets, kitchens. Each unit is equipped with distribution board with circuits’ breakers.



Sanitary Fixtures

All sanitary fixtures and connections are installed in the factory with complete connections underneath to reach the edge of the units.





All required finishing is made at factory like painting, wooden frames for windows and doors or any other needed finishing.