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Our factory was established to share by progressing and trustful steps in the industry of our country.

Our aim of choosing manufacturing pre-fab houses is to help in one side of construction field necessary which was before fully imported from outside.

Our designs were aimed towards portable houses to shut the purpose of re-using these units by the consulting companies, contractors, employees, and laborers housing outside cities or as transferable offices.

For this reason the general skeleton of our units are from steel profiles which is also covered from outside by steel sheets to resist the severe weather conditions and to resist damage caused by re-using them. From inside it is isolated and decorated to give the resident a comfortable and suitable place for living.

We took into consideration in final designs the special taste of our customers- such as decoration, colour of paint, floor covering, ………. etc.

Our factory have supplied large number of contractors, consulting companies, government departments, and private sector in all areas of the kingdom with our products.

All our units were met everywhere with full satisfaction and appreciation from all our customers.

The factory expects to double production year after year due to the encouragement which we met everywhere. Our production capacity is 1500 units annually which comes to a total of 100,000 square meter in one shift per day. We can easily double the production capacity by using two shifts.

Our factory is qualified to produce units of different sizes starting from units of very small areas to complete compounds with capacities of more than 2000 persons.

We are proud that all the stages of productions in our factory is completely, and totally local made by excellent skilled labours and with a very studied specification which suits the kingdom climate and nature.